We are a family owned and operated company, founded in 2006, with “The Spearhead Collection” brand being introduced in 2014 that offers a unique range of products aimed at filling a much needed market.

With Heritage at our heart, we believe that there is a vast requirement of affordable, authentic, vintage style products and we can help you fill that need. All of our products are new, mostly copies of originals, interesting, full of old character, different to modern day trends, usable and cost effective.

All of our products are handmade and or hand finished, 80% of which is Cast Iron / Steel, along with some brass, wood, Tin, and leather.

Whilst new, It can be expected that slight imperfections and little quirks appear here and there which is somewhat by design in fact to retain “the old style, vintage look” exactly as intended.

We believe in Customer service and customer satisfaction and are focused on continuous improvement. Our aim is 100% customer satisfaction. If we get it right, please tell others. If we get it wrong please tell us.

Our main focus is to service North America and mostly ship out to you using UPS as our shipping partner to serve you better. We also use Canada Post and Purolator Canada where it makes sense to do so.

Simon Beaumont – Founding Owner