Large Antique Iron Bench Frames (2) only

Large Antique Iron...

$ 299.00

  • USD: $ 223.34



Vintage Antique Iron Bench Frames to make your own Bench

This is a pair of (2 x) Frames to make 1 x bench only (excludes other hardware)

Bench Frame Size is 16" High x 18" Wide at the Base narrowing to 12" wide at the top

To complete your bench (not included) you will need

* A threaded bar x 1/2" or 3/4" diameter
* 2 x nuts
* 1 x 5/8" pr 1/2" tube (to go over the threaded bar in between the 2 frames)
* A wooden bench top of your choice

(we have the Tube in 5/8" x 36" lengths only) - see separate listing


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