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Hand Made Boat Shelves

These stunning boat shelves are handcrafted and finished with great care, and detail. 

  • T & G - V Groove Back Boarding
  • Brazillian plywood sides
  • Pine shelves and trims
  • glued & pinned
  • Painted and stained authentic look

can be placed on the floor or mounted to a wall. 

Available in Red, Blue, and Green

Small Size: 4 1/2" Deep x 8 1/2" Wide x 38 1/2" High (Blue one - approx. 15lbs weight)

Medium Size is; 8" Deep x 16" Wide x 46" High (The Red one - approx 30lbs weight) 

Large Size - 78" high x 22" wide x 12" deep (The Green one - approx. 50lbs weight)

 each size can be either color.

We can also do custom colors if you send a color code. An extra fee of $50.00 applies.

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