Vintage Reclaimed Wood Shelf Kit

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Vintage Reclaimed Wood & Vintage Brackets Shelf Kit

Includes 1 x Board
2 x Brackets
12 x Screws

The Board is made from reclaimed scaffold board cut and sanded and waxed 16" wide x 8.5" deep x 1.5" thick. these boards are Pine and well used with dings, cuts, knots, splits, etc.

Then we have 2 shelf brackets in 6 different styles you can choose from
5 of these are Cast Antique Iron natural finish and the last one is Antique Copper finish (Singer)

* The Heritage Bracket (Ant Iron)
* The Cobweb Bracket (Ant Iron)
* The Gothic Bracket (Ant Iron)
* The Jali Lattice Bracket (Ant Iron)
* The Penny End Bracket (Ant Iron)
* The SInger Shelf Bracket (these are antique Copper)

The options are in the same order as this list - Let us know in the comments which style of bracket you would like


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