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Spearhead Collection

Vintage Sample Display Board (C)

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Vintage Sample Display Board (C)


Vintage Sample Board (C)
Reclaimed Barn wood 12" x 24" Vintage Sample Product display Board

Products included:

20" Hook Rail
Victorian Round on Back Plate Knob
Round Indent Knob
Paris Clocks Knob (Ceramic)
Square Shaker Knob
Round Plain Shaker Knob
Kitchen Knob (Ceramic)
Ridged Knob
Round Rings Knob
Round Press Door Bell push
Minster Door Bell push
Round Decorative Knob
Butt Hinge 3"
Butt Hinge 2"
Snake Head Hinge
Butterfly Hinge

All are Cast Iron in the Antique Iron finish, Authentic vintage