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Wine Bottle Holder...
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Re-Claimed Stump Root Wood Wine Bottle Holder - 1 Bottle

These high-quality Wine Bottle Holders are made from Tree Stumps & Roots after a tree has been cut down for its timber. Local Artisans dig these up and blast off the soil and vegetation, cut, grind, shape, sand, polish and wax these to make wine bottle holders, so this is making full use of the tree, helping the environment and soil regeneration for replanting and contributing the reclaim, reuse, and re-purpose philosophy.

Because of this, each and everyone is different in shape size & colour making them unique and one of a kind.

The sizes vary hugely between 8" wide and 14"Wide by 12" to 18" Long and are 1" thick .. with a very smooth clean surface.

Please bear in mind that the one you order may not be pictured, so once you have placed your order we can send you a picture to choose from.

1 review for Wine Bottle Holder...

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    fabulous customer service and love this item

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