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Vintage Clothes Dryer...

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'1883' Victorian Clothes Airer Kit



The '1883' Victorian Clothes Airer Kit

This Victorian airer is an excellent example of an age-old, traditional way to effectively dry clothes in older properties for years and still used today. It is a very simple and versatile system that can in fact be made almost any length or height and is very easy to use. Also great for use in old farmhouse kitchens for hanging utensils.

Cast Iron with an antique iron finish

Use wood slats 1/2" x 1" if square-edged or larger if shaping to the hole size
maximum hole size is 1 1/4" x 5/8". The pulleys are large threaded screw-in pulleys.

This kit is suitable for up to 6 Ft in length or add extra pulleys to increase the length
Kit includes:

2 x 1883 end frames
1 x 1883 single pulley
1 x 1883 double pulley
2 x 1883 double cleat hooks
4 x 6 Ft. Long Wood Slats
33 Ft. of 1/4" Pulley Cord
c/w screws

individual extra components can be ordered separately


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