Vintage Antique Iron Bench “The Abbot” Style – 12″ (Metal Components Only)

Vintage Antique Iron...

$ 395.41

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"The Abbot" Style Vintage Antique Iron Bench - 12"

This Cast Iron Bench Frames Kit comprises of metal components only

2 X Bench Frames 16" high x 12" wide at the top and 18" wide at the base
1 x Connecting Rod & nuts
1 x reclaimed wood top 15" x 48"
The weight of the kit is 28Lbs.

This Kit is suitable for a 48" wide Bench only - (if you require it to be longer please ask)

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Failure to do this results in the package being returned and a 2nd shipping fee added. This is NON REFUNDABLE and the customer agrees to this at the time of purchase.


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