Wine Bottle Holder Bracket 4″

Wine Bottle Holder...
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Wine Bottle Holder Bracket



Wine Bottle Holder Bracket 4"

adds character and classic styling to any space to your home, office or place of business. Influenced by traditional vintage designs, this Wine Bottle Holder Bracket combines functionality, traditional looks and durability.

Wine Bottle Holder in raw sometimes slightly rusted steel wire

Size: 4.5" x 4" approx.

1 review for Wine Bottle Holder...

  1. Leroy Bangen (verified owner)

    I would expect a little better packaging especially with the screws that accompany the order rather than just be left loose in the bottom of the Purolator bag. Also the screws are too light as the heads keep breaking off so I am forced to use my own heavier gauge screw as I am mounting the brackets on Oak Barrel staves. Other than that I am pleased so far and am hoping for successful sales moving forward

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