About Our Product

Does my product come with screws?

Yes we supply screws with all products, however, you may need to use alternative screws depending on the fixing conditions.

How can I remove the oily or wax on my item?

Using WD-40 and paper towel, liberally, to clean off any excess wax and or oils on the surface.

Do the Toilet Paper Holders take Jumbo size rolls?

This is a hard question to answer as there are many TP Roll sizes and so we try to put the measurements in each listing for you to decide.

Will my item rust if put outdoors?

All Antique Iron products that we sell will rust when used outdoors if you do not protect them from rusting such as paint, wax, Clear Coat, etc.

Do you offer custom/personalized orders?

Yes we do... to a point - such as

* Painting colours
* De-greasing and rusting items
*There is extra charging for this ...

* $10.00 U.S.D. per item up to 10 items
** $7.50 U.S.D. per item, if 11 items to 25 items
*** $5.00 U.S.D. Per item, if more than 25 items

Note: We do not Cast any of these items. We sometimes get asked if we can do a certain size or named plaque. The answer is simply ... YES..!
However to make one plaque as a one-off requires special tooling costs and so the price is usually formidable. (we have done it!!) but for example, 1 plaque will cost $400.00 depending on detail and size.... but then 10 would cost only $450.. 25 $500.oo etc.
For inquires please email info@spearheadandcompany.com

Ordering and delivery

Where is my order confirmation?

This is automatically sent to your email address when you place an order. If you haven’t received your order confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us at info@spearheadandcompany.com just in case there’s a problem with your order. Please check your mailbox’s spam or junk folder before contacting in case the order confirmation has been diverted there.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to Canada and The United States.

Return Policy

We believe in 100% Customer Satisfaction at all times, however because of the custom hand-made/hand-finished products that we sell, in the main we have a, no returns policy.

This in part is also due to the fact that our products are fragile and the extra shipping around is not a good idea and also costly.

In certain situations, we may authorize a return but it will always be at our discretion and by prior approval from Spearhead & Company.
Under no circumstances will we accept or pay for something that is returned without our prior agreement at any time.

If you have an issue with a product delivery or damage please also read our shipping policy.

In the event you need to ask us about an issue please contact us via email at info@spearheadandcompany.com and we will always try to help.

Shipping Policy

Spearhead & Company Uses 3 forms of shipping for orders.
We typically use UPS for all shipments that are over 1LB in weight and these will go on a ground 4 Day service. Usually, you should expect to see your order within 1 week of order/dispatch.
*** We now offer 3-day shipping via UPS on some items, please contact us at info@spearheadandcompany.com 
We also use Purolator shipping for packages in Western Canada.
We also use Canada Post for all the small orders that are low in weight and or value. These will go via Canada Post and if to the USA through the USPS postal service.
Larger items are NOT tracked and usually take 7-10 days but allow up to 2 weeks.
All UPS & All Purolator shipments are trackable.

Other Common Questions

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. These are issued electronically by email and each contains a unique reference number. Our gift vouchers are ideal if you’re not sure what to get that special person in your life. Simply buy a gift voucher instead for the value of $10, $15 or $25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200.

Do you offer Wholesale/Trade Discounts?

Yes; We will supply to a distributor/re-seller retail outlet or a manufacturer or a shop of some kind that will buy larger quantities often who is selling provided that proof of that can be made. If interested please contact us at info@spearheadandcompany.com and we will provide you  with a discount code.