Tips For Buying Old Glass Door Knobs

Tips For Buying Old Glass Door Knobs


Old glass door knobs can add a unique style to any house or apartment. Whether you’re looking to replace an old, broken knob or spruce up your living space with some new, distinctive features, you need to make sure that you buy the right knobs and pay the right price. To help you on your journey to find old glass door knobs at an affordable price, we’ve put together this list of tips to guide you through the buying process.

  • Check for damage
  • It is important to check the glass door knob for any damage. Look at the back of the piece and see if there are any cracks or chips in it that can't be seen from the front. If there is, then it is best to keep looking for a replacement knob.

  • Make sure the size is right
  • The first thing to do is make sure that the size of the knob matches your door and your hand. If it does not, then you will have difficulty opening and closing the door. It might be possible to buy a different style of door knob that is more appropriate, but this will depend on where you live and what styles are available.

    Make sure that the glass on the knobs is clean and clear, without any cracks or scratches in it (especially if you want them to serve as decoration). If there are any imperfections in the glass, then they will show up every time that light passes through them which makes them a poor choice if you plan to use them as decoration.

  • Choose the style you want
  • Consider the size and weight of the door knob. If the old glass door knob is not a set of two, you will need to purchase them separately. Ensure that there is a hole on both sides of the door knob. Do not buy an antique glass door knob without checking its condition first; even if it doesn't look like it's damaged, it could be cracked or broken and you'll have no idea until you take it home!

  • Decide on the finish
  • The finish on the knobs is something to consider when buying antique glass door knobs. They can range from a glossy, high-gloss finish to a rough, matte finish. You may want to look at pictures or buy an inexpensive one to see what you like before you commit to purchasing expensive door hardware with a finish that doesn't suit your tastes.

  • Inspect the knob before buying
  • It's always a good idea to inspect the knob before buying. You want to make sure that the glass isn't broken or chipped and that the knobs are still intact. You can also look at the seller's other products and see if they are all in similar condition. If they are, you should be safe to buy from them. 

    Final Thoughts

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